Company History?

Cousins Play Soft started small, with a humble collection of colorful and captivating play structures. But as word spread about their incredible experiences, the demand for their services grew rapidly. Parties, community events, and special celebrations all became infused with the spirit of Cousins Play Soft, where happiness and laughter filled the air.

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I am proud of what we have accomplished thus far, and I am excited about the future of Cousins Soft Play. We will continue to innovate and grow, providing moments of joy and fun for children and families Hugo Lopez (CEO & Founder) I am truly grateful for the success we have achieved at Cousins Soft Play and excited for what the future holds. We will continue to innovate, expand our presence, and deliver exceptional play experiences for children of all ages. Alvaro Bolaños (Founder) +1 (385) 394 9000

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